Firestop Coffee Break Training

Have you struggled with firestop challenges on your projects?

You know there has to be a better way. 



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We help architects, engineers, GC's, trades, plan review, building inspectors, QA/QC teams and special inspectors have a better impact on their projects. 


If you want to build it right,

we want to help you. 


We have pledged to have a colossal role in the level of life safety, but we need your help to make that happen. You and a few thousand architects, builders, installers and inspectors who want to see things done right. 

Clearly that is YOU, so welcome to the Firestop Coffee Break Training.

Firestop 101 for Fire Rated Joints When does a project require firestop special inspection? Does my firestop inspector meet the requirements of the codes & standards? Fireblocking- what is acceptable as "other approved materials"? Firestop for Fire Sprinklers ~ You can build better and this will help. Plumbers Path to Perfect Firestop - Membrane Penetrations Edition Try a Free Class~ Plan better so you can build better.

Introducing Sharron!

What happens when a former kindergarten teacher talks about codes, standard and firestop?  Your crew gets entertained while they learn how to apply this new (traditionally boring) information in real world field conditions.  Sharron has been responsible for QA/QC on projects valued over $22 billion, which means she has covered roughly 30 million square feet of project space in the last 14 years.  She has been trouble shooting firestop issues on everything from a nuclear power plant to sports stadiums, hospitals, telecommunications, mega-resorts and more. 

Wanna Build Better? Let's Talk

Plan to shrink your problems

Do you get to the end of the project and find firestop issues that should have been handled much earlier in the project. We all know last minute problems risk impacting your schedule, as well as your budget. As long as firestop is an afterthought, these problems will never go away. This training will help you understand the issues on a whole new level & will provide a path to develop the plan you need to reduce these common issues. We will be addressing every trade at some point as we develop more training. We hope you will join us.


People are talking. Here is what they are saying!

Mr. Brunink

I worked with Sharron and her team on a 3million+ sq ft resort. The team worked to train & oversee firestop work, collaborate with owner & architectural teams to help things move smoothly and remain compliant with requirements.

In all my 50+ years in construction I have never worked with a more responsive team to see a successful outcome on a project of this size. ($4.2Billion)

Mr. Simpson

Sharron was the principal lecturer over 300 Building and Fire Officials...where she spoke about firestop, codes and standards. Given the topic, she spoke with such enthusiasm that no one in attendance though possible. Sharron is a walking text book on firestop. She has an enormous drive to change the way we as building and fire officials conduct out work to improve the level of life safety through good construction practices.

Captain Nunn

Sharron took a very dry subject and made it into one of the most interesting and thorough presentations I have ever seen.

She is a wealth of knowledge on this topic and is the most passionate person I have ever met when it comes to stopping the spread of fire with sound construction practices.

Help us with the next step

Let us know what training you need to improve life safety of your project. Do you want training on perimeter containment firestop, more on rated joints, or should we start with through penetrations- if so, which trades should we focus on. Let us know what you need!


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